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R. W. Block Consulting, Inc. (RWBC) is a management consulting services firm focused on assisting the owners of capital improvement programs.

Comprised of construction industry specialists including engineers, architects and project managers, our firm implements industry best practices in key areas such as planning, design, construction, construction finance and facilities maintenance.

Contact R. W. Block Consulting today to find out how our services can help your organization.

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NEW! Industry Best Practices for Assessing Construction Risk

By Roy W. Block and David O. Benouaich

This book was written for executive managers who wish to assess and quantify risks inherent in capital development activity.

The tools provided in this book will arm you with useful and practical solutions to common problems such as identifying which projects have the highest potential risk, reviewing projects financially and operationally, and understanding the inherent differences among contract types. Contact RWBC to request a copy.

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Now Available: Industry Best Practices for Managing Capital Investment

By Roy W. Block and David O. Benouaich

This book presents industry best practices that are fundamental to managing capital investment. It covers each stage in the typical project or program development cycle, including planning, design, and construction. For each best practice, it provides a benchmark against which a company or division can measure its performance.

It offers a high level starting point for developing a sound capital management strategy and for addressing specific issues within the program development process.  Contact RWBC to request a copy.

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