About Us

R. W. Block Consulting, Inc. (RWBC) is a management consulting firm that advises owners of capital improvement projects on business management issues related to engineering, planning, construction-finance and construction. RWBC is uniquely positioned to provide services bridging the technical and financial aspects of capital development. Our staff is comprised of technical specialists who understand and speak the language of business as well as the language of construction. Our deep technical knowledge of construction combined with our management consulting and finance experience provides clients with the expertise to make sound business decisions, evaluate and overcome challenges, manage change, achieve process improvements and ultimately meet project objectives.

Our clients

Our clients are C-level (CFO, CEO, COO, etc.) executives at public and private sector companies that are planning capital improvement projects. Whether or not they have a background in construction, our clients typically have operational and/or financial responsibility over engineering and construction projects and require objective, third party assistance to ensure the success of every phase of their capital investment.

How we help

RWBC bridges the gap between finance and engineering and enables these two functions to communicate critical project and program issues to successfully implement capital programs. We understand the technical and financial aspects of construction and how to pay for capital projects and can easily transition between these disciplines to provide an independent viewpoint and support to any capital improvement program.


RWBC provides a more responsive, more flexible and less costly alternative for owners of capital improvement projects who require experienced, objective resources that can manage the many competing parties and agendas involved in the capital process. Larger consulting firms typically inflate fees with their high overhead, rely heavily on less industry-focused staffers, and offer less flexible services. RWBC clients benefit from our focused practice through significantly lower fees and direct access to our responsive team, which is made up entirely of highly experienced construction management consultants.

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