Emergency Response Financial Management Oversight (ERFMO) Services

The recovery effort for any emergency event is a complex process. From addressing the initial impact to completing final repairs, many different entities are involved in restoring assets back to their pre-event state.

R. W. Block Consulting's Emergency Response Financial Management Oversight (ERFMO) methodology is a proven solution that helps clients gather, review, and proactively manage the financial aspects of a recovery effort. Our methodology is currently being used to address insurance carriers' requirements for reimbursing costs, FEMA's requirements to track expenditures, and to track the internal controls required by the impacted party.

Given the speed and nature of emergency work, clients need to protect themselves from unwarranted pricing submitted for payment, unsupported charges and other financial exposures. In fact, a critical issue in any recovery effort is reviewing and tracking emergency repair costs at a frequency and level of detail that will satisfy the parties that will fund repairs or reimburse funds for recovery efforts. Organizations that do not keep good records or do not address financial issues in real-time as their emergency recovery work is being done will find it much more difficult to recover costs from insurance carriers and FEMA.

Clients typically seek out RWBC for ERFMO services after they have experienced frustration with coordination efforts among the various parties performing recovery work, including insurance carriers, government agencies such as Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and others. They trust RWBC because we draw from extensive experience to maintain a successful ERFMO methodology that includes:

Creating and tracking cost and work-breakdown categories typically required of FEMA as well as insurance carriers:

Performing a comprehensive review of invoiced costs:

Preparing management reports highlighting:

Based on our experience, we can implement this type of process within 5-7 business days of a notice-to-proceed. We are able to implement quickly because we hold an invoice submittal orientation session within 4 days from notice-to-proceed and issue pre-formatted electronic invoicing templates (based on FEMA requirements) to all invoicing parties. We have developed similar templates for parties needing to track their own workforce efforts in the recovery effort. In addition, we provide real-time review of all submitted invoices and real-time resolution to questioned charges, and we have extensive experience reviewing construction costs in the public and private sector.

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